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Trained to the high standards of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC), you can rest assured that when you choose YourCleanSpace as your local rug cleaning company, you’re going to see incredible results.

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Your rugs are in good hands with the technicians at YourCleanSpace. With more than 10 years of experience providing professional rug cleaning in Hassocks and Sussex areas, we’ve successfully restored countless rugs of all kinds, for both domestic and commercial customers. Trained to the standards of the IICRC, you can rest assured that when you choose YourCleanSpace as your local rug cleaning company, your rug will be cleaned thoroughly and safely.

No matter what type of rug you own, our specialists know how to clean it. We regularly clean Afghan, Persian, Tibetan, Indian, Chinese and Moroccan rugs, all of which must be cleaned in a unique fashion. Unlike other companies that provide rug cleaning in Hassocks and Brighton areas that use a one-suits-all approach, we select a method of cleaning based on the type of rug it is, and how it responds to certain methods. As a result, we’re able to produce visibly stunning results, without running the risk of damage, such as shrinkage or colour-run.

The YourCleanSpace rug cleaning process was designed based on this knowledge taking in to consideration the construction of the rug, the age and condition of the rug, the stability of the dyes in the rug and the type of fibre the rug is made from whether that is wool, silk, viscose (art silk) or synthetic, enabling fantastic results while implementing a gentle method.

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As a small, local rug cleaning company that operates within the Hassocks community, we go the extra mile to ensure you’re provided with an all-round great service. We work hard to produce the results that you’re looking for, and we aim to do so in a punctual and polite manner. Consequently, when you choose us as your rug cleaners, you’ll receive much more than just a spotless rug.

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Through offering a top-class service Your Clean Space has proven our worth to such companies such as Leaders & The Grand Hotel, Brighton.


We are fully Trained to the highest standards by independent organisations such as the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), ALLTEC and The Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC).


We genuinely care and look after our clients ensuring they are completely satisfied with the service and the nurture a relationship offering our clients additional benefits for their customer and loyalty.


The price we quote is fully inclusive. No sales gimmicks. No pressure. No last minute added VAT. No hidden costs. No little surprises. Just the price we need to cover the cost of cleaning solutions, equipment & the man power to deliver an amazing service.

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What Is The Your Clean Space Cleaning Process?

Know the 8-step process to the most thorough, cleanest and healthiest rug cleaning you’ve ever seen:

Every rug we clean firstly undergoes a thorough inspection better understand the condition of the rug and to detect any pre-existing conditions which will help us determine the correct approach to cleaning your precious rug. However, some of these conditions may only become noticeable after the cleaning of the rug.

The conditions we are looking out for is existing damage such as moth damage and weaving characteristics such as abrash and white knot. We also test the colourfastness of the dyes in your rug.

One of the most important aspects of cleaning a rug is testing the stability of the dyes in the rug. Often missed out by untrained rug cleaners, this vital step will ensure we can confidently select the correct process, failing to do this or selecting the wrong process can result in permanent damage ruining the whole rug.

Removing the most dust from the rug is essential to attaining premium results.

Why is this step so important? It’s the deep-down dirt which grinds on the fibres, every time the rug is stepped on or moved. This action, overtime, does irreversible damage to the visual qualities of the rug.

Removing as much before the wet cleaning process takes place makes cleaning more efficient – Imagine trying to wipe dry sand off your leg at the beach, now image trying to wipe off wet sand. Removing the dry soil is much easier and effective.

Rugs hold a lot of dust deep down in the base of the fibres, this dust is difficult to remove with just a simple vacuum. We thoroughly vacuum both sides multiple times with a high filtration vacuum cleaner which has a beater bar on the front which vibrates the lock in dirt on to the floor underneath the rug. We continue this process until the dust stops falling out.

Next we pre-treat any stains which we know won’t be removed with normal upholstery cleaning and non-specialist techniques, meaning the stains in your rug will have the very best chance of being removed.
Next, we select the correct safe cleaning solution to use on your specific rug. The rug is then cleaned and rinsed to ensure a residue-free rinse so your rug stays cleaner and brighter longer.
Our protective treatment makes regular soft furnishing cleaning more effective, full stain removal of spills become more probable and even makes day to day maintenance more efficient.
We use our special drying equipment to help the rugs dry quickly. This is especially important with thick rugs or rugs made fibres which hold on to moisture such as wool. A rug not dried out properly may start to smell as mold spores start to grow which is of course creates an unhealthy environment for you and your family.
The fringes are inspected and then cleaned with a product specifically designed for these fibres which are typically cotton. The fringes are dried and then brushed.

Your rug is then hand delivered back to you in a breathable wrapping to ensure it stays perfectly clean while being transported, ready for its unwrapping when back in your home.

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Through delivering quality service and customer support we have worked with The Grand Hotel, Brighton and won contracts with Belvoir Lettings & Leaders letting agents who we work with closely.

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If you’re not happy with any aspect of our work, we will re-clean the area/item for free. If you’re still not satisfied, you can have your money back.

Nothing is more important to me than your complete and total satisfaction.

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