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Thank you for booking your carpet or upholstery clean with us!

Now you’ve booked your carpet/upholstery clean, please take time to read through this whole page.

We’ve written this page to help you prepare for your carpet/upholstery clean and may answer a few questions we haven’t already discussed.

Appointment time

Our appointment time is a 1 hour window – If we’ve arranged an appointment for 13:00 our appointment window is 13:00 – 14:00.

We do our upmost to me exactly on time, however please understand we will not leave our previous job until we are confident we have achieved the best results possible and our customer are completely delighted with the work we have done.

There may also be unexpected traffic or other unforeseen delays.  Please bare this in mind if we are a few minutes late. We will however call or text ahead of our appointment if we know we are going to be behind schedule.

Have you thought about fabric protection?

Once you carpet/upholstery is all clean it can be covered in a protective coating. This invisible shield will make your carpet as protected as it’s ever going to be.

Protecting your carpets has 3 main benefit:

1. Makes maintenance more effective – How? Dry dirt such as crumbs and soil doesn’t get knitted in to the fibres meaning your vacuum will lift the dirt easily.

2. Makes your carpet last longer saving you money – The invisible coating protects against the abrasive dirt and grit found in the bottom of your carpet – this is cause of wear.

‘Increased Ugliness’ is the number 1 reason people replace their carpets and upholstery and wear is one of causes of ‘Increased Ugliness’ as well as stains and colour fade.

3. Protects against unsightly stains – Instead of staining the carpet or upholstery, the spill will sit on top of the fibres giving you time to get some kitchen roll or a cotton towel to clean up the spill.

If you’re interested in protecting your carpets or upholstery please send the word PROTECT to 07944 637440 along with your address and your appointment time and date. You can also email us at

What should I do before you arrive?

We pride ourselves on the value we provide our customers meaning we clean as much of your carpet as possible– sofa’s, beds, chairs and small cabinets are all moved by us so you don’t have to.

Due to size and insurance purposes these are the items we don’t move: cupboards, TV stands/units and valuable items such as expensive ornaments.

We do ask that the room is clear of all small items, this might include toys, baskets, lights/lamps, nests of table and any items of sentimental and financial value.

You don’t need to move any furniture for upholstery cleaning.

Will every stain come out?

If your carpet/upholstery has any spots or stains, we will treat them separately from normal carpet cleaning.

The difference between spots and stains?

Spots are typically dark patches without much colour. Spots might be mud brought in for outside, water marks or a high build-up of dirt in a small area. Spots are all most guaranteed to be removed and may only require professional carpet cleaning.

Stains might be dark but are normally coloured. Ink, nail varnish, dye from food, blood, wine, tea and coffee are all stains. Some stains can take a considerable amount of time and products, of course this all reflected in the price.

We invested in top quality training, learning from one of the leading experts in the world. Paul Pearce, who is the technical directors of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA).

The course was a separate course from the learning of professional carpet and upholstery cleaning in which we spent a whole day learning about different types of stains, different processes and chemistry for each type of stain and which products are suitable and which can cause damage to certain fibres.
Stain removal brighton

However, despite all that knowledge and following a proven system we cannot guarantee all stains will be removed.

What we can guarantee you is there is no company better trained or equipped to remove stains. If we can’t remove the stain then chances are it can’t be removed.

I need to rearrange our appointment – What should I do?

We appreciate life might throw a curve ball at you and your plans need to change.

All we ask is you give us as much notice as possible. We are a small independent business and last minute cancelations are unlikely to be filled which is costly.

If you cancel 48 hours or less before our appointment, we might ask for a deposit if you wish to rebook. If you fail to answer the door on the day its highly unlikely we will rebook you at any point.

The traffic areas in front of my sofa, where we walk and around the table are flat or worn, will a clean fix this?

No. The carpet is worn; cleaning will not restore this.

What are those black lines around the edge of the room?

These black lines are call filtration marks. Filtration marks are caused as the air in the room is sucked through the gaps between the carpet and wall or even between gaps in the subfloor whether that’s concrete of floor boards.

Exhaust fumes from outside, oils inside your home from cooking, smoke, fireplace ash and more can all contribute towards the cause of filtrations marks.

Can you remove the filtration marks?

In most cases, we can. Like with stain removal this takes time and additional products and is charged accordingly. In some cases, there is a permeant greyish tinge which won’t budge.

These lines will inevitably return over time, if you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis we will be able to treat this each time so your carpets are kept looking great all year around.

How long will the Carpet/Upholstery take to dry?

There are many factors which determine drying times. However, if your carpets or upholstery are made from synthetic fibres such as polypropylene, polyester, or acrylic then your carpet or upholstery should be dry or almost dry before we leave.

Nylon is an exception and might take an hour or so as it holds on to water incredibly well.

If your carpets/upholstery is made up of a natural fibres such as cotton, wool and linen they may take a few hours.

Our Drying times are much faster than most companies as we use drying equipment to speed up the process while we pack our stuff back in the van.

Viscose is an exception and will take much longer as it holds on to water the most of all fibres.

Thank you for reading all the way through, we look forward to working for you.